Baby Nail Cutter Scissors

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We designed this Baby Nail Cutter Scissor set with the parent in mind and with items we truly felt we needed when raising our children. With 2 pairs of scissors included with different lengths for a more precise trim, an ergonomic nail clipper, gentle glass filer and quality nose tweezer, we’ve put together the perfect set so you don’t have to look elsewhere to find them separately! In this you get a complete baby nail grooming set.


Pevent your baby from scratching yourself and others due to long nails. Prevent babies from carrying too many nails due to long nails, causing potential health hazards. Small tool for baby. Intimate shape design fits baby's nails. Unique design is not only cute, but also convenient for mom. Comes with a box for easy storage.


This is a perfect Baby shower gift. This all in one grooming set is sure to please! Anytime the parent is looking for tools to trim their baby’s nails, they’ll look Upward Baby’s set and remember you got it for them with joy!


  • Item Type: Baby Nail Cutter Scissor
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 84G
  • Size: 6*6*12cm

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